Friday Thought – Under React

To Overreact is easily done.

Can I under react?

Can I remain cool under pressure?

Can it be water off a ducks back?

Can I be diplomatic in the face of rudeness?

Can I not see, not hear, not think, not speak to that which disturbs me?


Under React

Understand the situation

Neatly be

Diplomatic with the right






Accept and acknowledge in

Timely and kind manner.

Can I under react?


© 2021 all rights reserved

17 replies

  1. Wise one, if it really pushes my buttons I walk away until I have got myself under control … and often take 24 hours to make a decision just to be sure my emotions are in check … thanks Bella!

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  2. You’ve given me something to think about. Wise words.

    Too often we are caught up in trying to react immediately despite the consequences. Giving no reaction can still be a reaction under the right circumstances. 🙂

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