A Sacred Place

S silence, inner peace. Spirituality a place of safety and solitude.

A accepted I am as I am in this sacred place

C cemented in my heart the peaceful and loving waves of the Divine

R rest. A place to rest, in safety. Doing my inner work in silence. Healing. Growing. Freeing. Loving silence and peace. Flying free.

E energised. I the Soul full of life. With the simple act of connecting to the Divine in meditation. Healing, growing, renewing, revealing the inner beauty. The inner peace.

D Diving deep into the heart of the Divine. Comforter of hearts. Canopy of protection. A safety like no other. A freedom that lifts I the Soul.

This sacred place of the Divine’s heart. This sacred place of I the Soul. Of peace, love, purity, joy and wisdom. A meeting of peace, of warmth of safety. A meeting of pure hearts and minds. Sacred I am. Sacred this connection with the Divine.



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  1. Thank you for your thoughts, I wholly agree with everything you write and I recognise the importance of your sharing those simple truths. Also, for liking my favourite post -India – Empire of the Spirit, but as meditation is part of the Indian ritual, I would greatly appreciate if you were kind and put your view about the post into the comments section. Thank you.


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