A Sacred Place

S silence, inner peace. Spirituality a place of safety and solitude.

A accepted I am as I am in this sacred place

C cemented in my heart the peaceful and loving waves of the Divine

R rest. A place to rest, in safety. Doing my inner work in silence. Healing. Growing. Freeing. Loving silence and peace. Flying free.

E energised. I the Soul full of life. With the simple act of connecting to the Divine in meditation. Healing, growing, renewing, revealing the inner beauty. The inner peace.

D Diving deep into the heart of the Divine. Comforter of hearts. Canopy of protection. A safety like no other. A freedom that lifts I the Soul.

This sacred place of the Divine’s heart. This sacred place of I the Soul. Of peace, love, purity, joy and wisdom. A meeting of peace, of warmth of safety. A meeting of pure hearts and minds. Sacred I am. Sacred this connection with the Divine.



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30 thoughts on “A Sacred Place

      1. Husband is doing well after a second hip replacement and my daughter’s whole family went through Covid but luckily all have come out safe. Rest I too panicked, Bella but have taken charge of myself and learning to be positive and reading a lovely book by Jay Shetty, Think like a Monk which is really helping me. Stay safe and thank you dear.

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      2. Yes he is amazing and my daughter only suggested me to read the book and she bought from Amazon and Bella my daughter is a Counsellor and she really put me at ease and told me pl do not worry and have fear. Now my husband and me are doing all Yoga asanas with Sadguru ISHA Yoga and we listen to him on YouTube, feels good. Yes we all have to stay positive in these times because we are getting all this negative news from every corner. So many people we know have lost their lives. Let us all pray to God for his mercy.

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