December 2021 ThoughtsnLifeBlog Newsletter is out now.

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In today’s Newsletter, I talk about

  • Resolutions and Plans  – The importance of daily routines
  • Mailchimp update
  • My Book progress
  • My Graphics Services and the back story
  • Blogging Tips:  Exciting updates on Instagram,  Planoly – a free tool to schedule on Instagram, Speech to Text tools to help you write faster.  Oh Yeah ©  the copyright symbol and how you can create it.

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43 thoughts on “December 2021 ThoughtsnLifeBlog Newsletter is out now.

  1. Hey Bella, love the newsletter! I like your advice about the daily routine and the update on your book. I didn’t know you did all these graphic design services, that is pretty darn cool. With your HR systems expertise I wish I had you at work to help us with our disastrous system. We used to use to PeopleSoft and then the company created their own system which is an unmitigated catastrophe. I need a good daily routine of meditation, prayer, and Advil just to log into it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Hetty.

      Well my graphics service isn’t creating something from scratch. I use canva, and canva makes things easy. For example the image for this post was created in canva. Most of my images are.

      Oh dear about your HR system, sounds awful.

      Took your advice on the book, and sharing something about us.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ebook aka read on kindle. Then I think it’s called print on demand for a paper book. What I understand both are different formats on amazon. And then different formats on Barnes n noble. I am a bit out of touch as I haven’t relooked at this for 18 months. I trying to write my book

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well ebook or paper. I think either way it will be an extra cost. Because you really would need a more skilled person to do this for you. Unless you are brave to try it by yourself and see how it goes and take it as learning step one?

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  2. I just now finished reading your newsletter, and I absolutely loved it! Truly appreciate all your sharing. I am very glad you are able to spend this time consciously with your mother. I am so inspired by your commitment to service through everything you do, your explorations with new apps and platforms. I am very much encouraged to read about the use of MailChimp and totally trust you when you say it is not impossible, it is actually easy. I am hanging on to my last shreds of resistance to open my MailChimp account that I created long time ago with good intentions of using it. I will trust the timing when I feel the urge and ease to begin, perhaps I have too much on my plate right now 🙂 Your newsletter is wonderful and I look forward to each one.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much Pragalbha. I know i am being slow in giving a Mailchimp update. there is so much on it . I feel I need to do a course and training on it. Because there is so much to it. But, it is easy really – it is.l I created another account in Mailchimp so the I create the necessary screen shots. I really feel like creating a course or something, because there is a lot to Mailchimp. Again i repeat it is very easy to use. I hope i can write up my learning fast enough for you. I can see for you it will be a great way for your yoga clients.

      thank you so much for all your support and my newsletter. it means so much. I always get so nervous when i send one out.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure and privilege my friend. Please take your time, it is all in perfect timing. You are doing great service already, allow anything more to emerge easefully for you 🙂 It is all about the timing I believe – for you and me. I feel very occupied right now even if I want to do it and once it is time I will pick it up way more easily.

        Absolutely welcome, your newsletter is a treasure trove for varied interests and you showing up so honestly on it is a gift.

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