Happy International Women’s Day

Bold and Brave
Courageous and Gentle
The potential limitless
Fly high and bright
Be strong
Be bold
Society still doesn’t allow us to fly free, but fly free the best you can.
Learn, grow, read.
Be bold, be you, define yourself on your terms.

Note that some may wish to keep you small. Others may wish you ill. Society will block your path. Even those who are your heart.

Don’t be broken, saddened and crumble in the unfairness of it all.

Who knows when the injustice will go but don’t be stuck on that. Be bold, brave, courageous, and keep going. Fill up our well daily and shine bright.

Break away from the shackles of unsaid restraint, of unknown restrictions and prejudices, be you.
Be bold, be you.

Don’t stay sad for too long, but acknowledge your pain and heal.
And don’t be surprised that women can be mean to women.

In this world, see but don’t see, don’t walk blind, but be blind. Don’t take to heart the pain. Don’t let yourself shatter.

Fill your cup daily, read, meditate, journal, affirm, dream, manifest. Don’t live small. Take whatever baby step you need to take.

I know your baby step is the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest, so take your baby step.

Please do it for you and you alone.

Pay no mind to others’ opinions, especial those who keep you small.

Become you
Become the unique you.
Don’t stand in the shadows of life and circumstances.
Bold and Brave
Courageous and Gentle
The potential limitless
Fly high and bright
Be strong
Be bold

*note this was written as a stream of consciousness. It is what I want to express to all the women, young and old, the girls. Some of it is based on my life, and some on the observation of others in society. I have been lucky and am lucky, my immediate family (aka my parents) have never restricted me. But, that is not the case for all. Sometimes we don’t realise we are being restricted, it is so subtle and from the most surprising source.

created in canva

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14 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day

  1. I loved reading your stream of consciousness – it acknowledges the reality mostly true than not, and gives space for all that is, while assuring more choices are possible. I agree with you – “Sometimes we don’t realise we are being restricted,” – that’s how deeply entrenched we are in these disparities. I recognize how much I have conveniently surrendered to all that I couldn’t change, and yet stay very aware of my roles in the truest way. When I made my post today on similar lines – I couldn’t differentiate how much was it I absorbed from other’s experience and how much of it is my experience. This acknowledgment for our collective experience and how we can influence for the better, even in subtle ways.

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    1. Collective experience is so true. ‘conveniently surrendered to all that I couldn’t change’ you put thus so well,; I sometimes the surrender isn’t realised as our youngness, our goodness and just living doesn’t allow us to see that surrender. And even if we saw what could we do? This is why inner strenght, knowledge, inner work and realisation is power, and the courage to pick our battles, to deliberately see but not see, to protect ourself from a fight that is not worthy of our energy or the loss of our inner peace! Choice is always possible, picking our battles us a choice, not taking it personally, to learn and grow or not learn and grow it is a choice. And I acknowledge that not all women and girls can make this choice in the world today, in 2022. It is awful. As it awful for us with freedom, to not utilise it to our best. Every baby step forward leads to a stronger and sensitive me. One who knows better. Who selects her battles.

      Always wonderful to talk with you. You always get me thinking.

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      1. You make me feel so good by welcoming my thoughts and bringing further reflection on it. I loved how you said – “to deliberately see but not see, to protect ourself from a fight that is not worthy of our energy” – so true, we keep doing this continually, push the edges towards authenticity while keeping the peace, protecting our sensitivity, our strength often misunderstood. It is awful indeed, and yet so so stunning in how we keep going.
        Absolutely my pleasure and privilege to have these conversations.


      2. So True, amazing how we keep going – well done to us. Yes, our silent strength is always misunderstood – I need to care less when I feel that way. So what if I am misunderstood, those who want to understand, will and those who won’t – won’t. It should not matter to me – really? Well , that is the way i want have my mindset so I don’t waste energy or my peace on these little nonsense. If this makes any sense. Happy friday.

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