Goal Setting Booklet

2020 is almost over, but Covid-19 is still here. We might feel what is the point of setting goals and aiming for anything.

But, as long as we are alive we have to live. Therefore, we need to live it to our best and highest potential. We are what we think. Happiness and sadness is in our control. Let us live what we life we have well. Let us create a great life no matter the circumstances we live in.


Maybe the goals we want to achieve are different, simpler, smaller, and just different. Maybe, we just want to find happiness in life.

Finding happiness in life is not a ‘JUST’, in fact, is a great goal and a big goal. What does it mean to be happy? When I am happy does it mean I will not have any problems in my life? Or will it mean I have a tools set and techniques to deal with life and keep my peace and remain happy even if there is a storm going on in my life?

Goal Setting Booklet

The Minimum, Target and Outrageous Goal setting process (MTO Goal Setting process) is a wonderful way of setting goals and achieving them.

  • Set Goals that are achievable and not overwhelming.
  • Set Goals that are realistic.
  • Don’t set your goals so high that you fail.

I have created a little pdf booklet in Dec 2019 and I have now updated it. The booklet gives you the basics on what goal setting, braining storming goals and a template that you can use to list your goals using the MTO method.

I also include a YouTube video link on this goal-setting method. It is a great method and since I have started to use it, it has made a great difference.

The booklet is free to download the link is below. However, if you would like to contribute a little something I would be most grateful.

Goal Setting -MTO Booklet 2021

Set realistic Goals and Change Your life forever. Receive a pdf to your email address on purchase (within 2 days – allowing for international timezones). As this is a electronic PDF a refund can not be offered. Please check your spam folder.


Goal Setting Free download

I hope you like it.

Here is the Youtube video that explains the MTO goal setting method.


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I believe that the thoughts we create impact our life greatly. If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them, catch our negative thinking.We can change our life. Read my 'About' page to find out more about thoughtsnlifeblog.com

9 thoughts on “Goal Setting Booklet

  1. This is wonderful! My attitude towards the new year is keeping looking ahead and deal with things as they come. I used to make plans and resolutions, but everything went aways after a few weeks, so now I’m going with the flow.

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    1. Thank you. I hope you download it and see if anything is helpful, or watch the video.

      I totally understand. I gave on new year resolution at the age of 14. I tried going with the glow and it really works very well. But I used get get side tracked quite a bit. Then, I started to set my self small goals every quarter ish, or when I felt I need to work on something.

      Now I alternate between monthly and quarterly goals. I like to have an aim and I always work on self mastery of some sort. It at least keeps me moving forward with some direction.

      Yes I still side track and go off line, but I also achieve a lot more this way.

      I like to be navigated a bit with goals. For example one us I need to be a lot more flexible in my life, because no amount of planning is working with my life rights now as my mother’s health is so unpredictable. So I have a plan and I can it act on it whenever things are stable. It works in its random way..

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