Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life – {Podcast/Youtube}

Since 2016 My blog’s tagline was ” Change your thoughts change your life”. I was unaware that Dr W Dyer had actually written a book with this title. So, I changed my tagline to “Change your thoughts and transform your life”.

When I learnt that, how I think impacts my sadness, happiness and health. It was a profound ‘A-Ha’ moment, mindblowing, and you could even call it enlightening. It totally changed my world and how I reacted or responded to things.

It impacted my inner dialogue, my self-talk, and my journaling. I started to journal more affirmations and gratitude. Even if a journal session was negative, I always ended it with an affirmation and something positive.

All of this learning came from many a self-help book, meditation, Youtube videos, and regular spiritual discourse, study and applications.

I am not saying that I don’t have a negative days, weeks, or even months. Because, I do and I will continue to! BUT, what I am saying is, is that I know how to get myself out of it.

Anyway, one of the books I recently discovered is “Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life – Living The Wisdom of the Tao” – by Dr Wayne W Dyer. It is a very big book. I heard it on audible because it takes me ages to read. But, because it was so profound, I brought the paperback. It is lovely to flip through and see what page I land on.

So I created a Podcast Youtube video reading a few sentences from bits of the books. As a taster and to share with you all the words. They are so beautiful, but really make you stop and think and look at life differently.

Legend says the Tao te Ching was written by Lao-tzu (a prophet), many centuries ago in China.

The Tao is the supreme reality, an all-pervasive Source of everything – Dr W Dyer explains.

What draws me to the book, are the verses and Dr Dyer’s personal reflections on them. Wayne makes it applicable and useable for us in the modern world. Do I agree with everything – of course not. But, I love how it makes me think more than I would normally; it challenges me!

I share one of the verses that I read in the podcast below in print- because it is so powerful.

29th Verse of Tao te Ching (in Dr W Dyer’s book)

Do you think you can take over the universe and improve it?

I do not believe it can be done.

Everything under heaven is a sacred vessel and cannot be controlled.

Trying to control leads to ruin.

Trying to Grasp, we lose.

Allow your life to unfold naturally.

Know that it too is a vessel of perfection.

Just as you breathe in and breathe out,

there is a time for being ahead

and a time for being behind;

a time for being in motion

and a time for being at rest;

a time for being vigorous

and a time for being exhausted;

a time for being safe

and a time for being in danger.

To the sage all of life is a movement toward perfection,

so what need has he

for the excessive, the extravagant, or the extreme?

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Copyright © 2022 only my thoughts not from Dr Wayne Dyer’s book or the verse.


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