Blogging is hard work, but enjoyable hard work.

There is a lot of advice out there, saying do this and do that.  I am just over a year old in the blogging world, and OH MAN Did I follow a lot of advice, and that advice is valid, but Oh has it made me get into ruts with blogging.      One piece of advice that has given me the biggest issue from day one to now is  that of  ‘keeping a schedule’.

The benefits of a schedule are :-

  1.  that your followers and readers know what to expect from you and when;
  2.  you are able to organise your life in terms of writing a blog post, posting and reading other bloggers posts and commenting.
  3. scheduling  your post on social media.

The result of  scheduling are there to be seen and  work.   But,  I   like a bit of randomness.    So, many of you who have been with me from the start will know I have tired schedule after schedule and right now it is quite random, except for Tuesday which is meditation commentary day and Saturday which is quote day,  everything else is random.

I feel that I need to change things up a bit on my blog in terms of my schedule, but, as usual I don’t know what to do.   But, I need to jazz it up for two reasons,  one I need a change and two life outside of blogging  is getting a bit too busy.

So,  I have a  few question  for you my blogging friends and my followers.

  1.  What do you think of the regular quote slot  ?  You like it, or ?   If I were to move to the week from the weekend ? or if I were to say follow me on instagram as I post quote  almost daily there – actually I am quite mad on instagram. ?
  2. Meditation Tuesday –  are you happy and enjoying these on Tuesday – or would you like it at another time during the week?
  3. What do you want to see me do more of?  or Less of?
  4. I was thinking of doing a mini series on blogging and what I have learnt. But, friends I am no expert and a bit random, and boy do a I wing the blogging  technical stuff.

Please do comment below, would love your feedback to help me decide the new random schedule.

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    • Oh blogging is tough, I sometimes i think do what makes you happy. I have stopped looking at my stats regularily and it makes such a difference. I blog for fun only right now. Everyone tells me to enjoy it.. so i am enjoying it and no worries about follows. I hope that makes sense

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