Blogging – Terminology – What Does it All Mean? And Do I Need to Do all this Stuff?

Hi Friends,

So about two weeks ago,  I asked a few questions on blogging to the WordPress community to help me research how to make money via a blog – see post here.

I then concluded I have nothing to sell and I won’t waste time on thinking about making money on my blog – for now at least.  I also concluded I want to research some more so then I can say to myself I have done some basic homework and I have a clearer understanding of things – See post here.

Frankly,  I hear terminology here and there, and it becomes an almighty confusion zone and then I park it all.    I have decided that I want for once and for all, get a better grip on all this blogging stuff.

I plan to do a bit of basic/medium research on the following topics and I will create a blog post on them and share with you all.

Why,  am I doing this:- well I just don’t have a clearer picture, it is still confusing, and probably will be more confused.  But, I don’t feel I have got to the bottom of it, meaning I haven’t reached a place where I feel totally comfortable.  I am more comfortable than before.   I probably won’t be fully comfortable ever, but I am on a bit of a roll.

I tend to do a lot of research using youtube, it is the quickest and fastest way to gain knowledge,  BuT, there is always a small catch, most YouTuber’s have an affiliation and they are indirectly selling you something.  Legally, they are supposed to announce that, but some don’t.

Caveat /Important/ Small Print:  Now, you guys have to understand this is my research and I am no guru on these topics, so you can’t wholly rely on what I share, it is just a starting point.   You still, have to do a bit of research yourself.   And remember,  I at present have no plans to make money blogging, which means what I share with you is just basic research, it is not experiencing talking.

Anyway, these are the topics I am thinking of sharing if I can find a decent answer on them.  Now, this research will take me some time to do and I don’t know how long that will be.  I will attempt to answer all these in the next few months, so keep an eye out.  Note, this will be an additional post to my current schedule.

NewSchedule4 26th Aug 2018


  • What does Hosting, Domain and Website mean?
  • Free Domain vs Custom Domain and implication on SEO
  • What is  the basic difference between and
  • Do you need to self-host -when has a premium plan and a business plan?
  • Have you made a mistake by being on  Is it too late?
  • What is data migration?
  • What is a web developer, what is a content developer?
  • What are you trying to do with your blog?
  • If you are trying to make a bit of money via your blog, do you need the blog to host the different revenue stream, or can you do without?
  • Why you should be careful that you understand the terminology and the fact that people are out there to make money.  And, they prey on your confusion.
  • Mailing list – Mailchimp etc.  Do you need a mailing list if you already have a mailing list with your account?  Why MailChimp? Why not ConvertKit or something else?
  • Employment status, Tax, conflict of interest?  This will be mainly around what I find out for a UK based blogger because I live in the UK.  You will have to do your own research.

Guys,  I just want to say with all the research I have done, I don’t believe I need to be self-hosted, and I don’t need to move from  Well, not now.  We must not forget, every company wants market share and they create products that are competitive, and is not that bad it offers a lot as at 6th Oct 2018.

I hope you will find these useful.  I might not be able to get an answer to all of these or it might take me time especially the point about employment and tax as I keep getting stuck on this.

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28 thoughts on “Blogging – Terminology – What Does it All Mean? And Do I Need to Do all this Stuff?

      1. I have scheduled 4 basic post that have a lot of videos in them. I want to get the out of the way. I feel i am happy with, and companies keep changing their offering and who know in a few years time .com might be the best thing since sliced bread. but and have the same founder… started in 2005 and is a cut down version of and easier and less worry they do it all for you. But, it might not be for person who want a serious business. but I feel only in the last year or year and half offer business solution.

        anyway , i dont want to sell anything right now.

        I just need to write better , edit better, i have habit of banging out blog post on my mobile phone, i just love hitting publish, so i have a bit of writing growing up to do…. lol on me.

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  1. Im a web designer and a blogger and for me I could not offer a due to the lack of functionality to my customers. The functionality in an wp org site is too great. I would say in my opinion the difference is org sites are more business and less of the blogging. That happens most when there are products to sell.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nigel, oh big thank you for your comment. I kinda got drew that conclusion that org offers a lot more, and .com would frustrate the hell out of a developer/designer.

      Can I ask, if you would be so kind to help write that piece on .org and .com. and it would be fab as your are a web designer , it would be so perfect to have an expert comment or write part . I would greatly appreciate it.

      If you think you would like to share your knowledge at a high level can you email me at

      It would be so fab on so many levels.

      Clearly i dont know what i am talking about. But i had figured .org was better.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would be so grateful . And if you are freelance it could be a great plug for you.

        I might have a few question on what you write, so will it be okay to go back and forth a bit.

        But it would be so fab to have an expert speak.

        Thank you in advance.

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      2. Well i think is the starting ground, the bloggers tool, but i feel sure that it could still work for a business with it paid options… but we can discuss on email then share on the blog. Or maybe i am fixed on making work from me hook or crook and have no data migration of the blog.

        I am in IT but clueless about web design and internet stuff.. i know ERP’s and i am no longer techie.. i am a so callex BA…lol..

        Thanks again.

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