How to Publish or Schedule your blog post on block editor


Hello Friends. Welcome to another How to Demo Video.

This video covers how to publish, or schedule blog post.


It also makes reference to the classic editor to help those of you who are transitioning from the classic edit to the block editor. This is because certain element are in slightly different places in the block editor. For example: If you have your post go directly to your twitter or facebook when you hit publish or schedule. Below is the screen shot of the classic editor and below that it the block editor.

However, please watch the video as it makes it all clear to you.

Below is a screenshot of where you see this on the block editor.


Here is the video

If you are unable to click on the youtube video below here is the link to it. Click here to view


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2 thoughts on “How to Publish or Schedule your blog post on block editor

  1. Thank you so much! The instructions you’ve shared with me helped. And this video visualizes it nicely. I will give the Block Editor another go… until I find another problem. Then, I will reach out to you. You’ve been of great helps so far. THANK YOU!!!
    Stay golden!

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