Haiku: Life and Views

This haiku is my first ever and is part of Ronovan writes challenge #333, click here to find out more about the challenge. My haiku is below.

Prompt: Life and View

Life views the maple
Leaves turn red, orange and gold
The page of life turns

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27 replies

    • Aww great the message came through. Thank you. I wanted to create that feeling where the seasons of nature reflect the chapters of life.

      In the last line I could used ‘my life’. But all the syllable counting and the revisions I did just to write 3 lines , I forget the word my.

      Seriously Xenia, you are so brilliant with the haiku poetry form. Well all the poetry and photos you do on your blog. And I appreciate your gift of your book as you explain the different forms. I do treasure your book.

      I think I am going to keep trying this as it will improve my writing and may be even vocab. Lol.

      Happy tuesday.

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  1. A very natural haiku evoking the feel of late Autumn. I am reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer currently and she shares many experiences with Maples and the historic connectivity of these trees with her ancestors

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