Releasing A Deep Hurt – Our Feelings can Perpetuate our Pain.

Thoughts are generated from our feelings.
Feelings are generated from our thoughts.
Our senses see, hear, feel and taste life.
From our senses, we create impressions.
From which our thoughts and feelings emerge. And ‘over’- thinking emerges.

A deep hurt.

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We have worked to release, to let go, move past.
This hurt has a multitude of layers.
As one layer releases, another is waiting to be released.

It might take a few rounds of releasing, letting go and moving forward.
It is a deep hurt after all.
Therefore remain faithful to the healing process.
Continue with your baby steps.

Pick yourself up when you fall.
Don’t let the pain define you.
Don’t let the tiredness of this constant fight weaken you.

The tunnel may be a bit long.
But there is light at the end.

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There may be a tear here and there.
Get up, don’t give up.
There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Just don’t remain fallen for too long.
Don’t let hopelessness get hold of you.
Dig deep.
Employ the same tools that have worked previously and find some new.

You can do this.
You have done this before.

God’s hand is always there. Stop walking this path alone.
He gave you his hand.
So why do you walk alone?

Why do you look for help from someone who themselves is broken?
Why do you expect good behaviour from the one who has caused you pain? Yes, it is true we must have a good feeling towards them so that we manifest goodness in our life.

We expect something from them that they can not offer at this time or may never be. We are the ones who remain trapped in our pain. The same pain we are trying to release.

That is why we have to accept, forgive, forget, let go to release.
It is only the Divine that can give love. Constant love. For He – God has never come into human form. And it is for this reason that he can keep us safe and lift us out of this deep pain.

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No human can save another as they too are stuck in the mucky quicksand of life.
The lotus is the symbol of many cultures. To remain beautiful, loving, peaceful, kind and all things good whilst in the mucky quicksand of life.

So it comes back again to Thoughts and Feelings.
To lift yourself from this deep pain, take the hand of God.
It is he who gives us the strength to dig deep and find positivity in the negativity. It is he who loves us when all we want to do is cry and give up.

But, He can’t perform miracles, the ones we wish for!

Because the law of ‘Free Will’ and the law of Karma does not allow it. But, He can give us the strength to succeed and change. That is, only if we hold his hand.

Note: Just a little note on this post. I wrote this for me. It is a bit jumbled. And you may not agree with some of the concepts and they may seem half baked. But, this has been written for me and it may be of value to you or it may not. Call it a journal entry of my random thoughts, of my personal growth and healing. I hope it brings you peace and healing. Hope and Faith. Comfort and Courage.


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17 thoughts on “Releasing A Deep Hurt – Our Feelings can Perpetuate our Pain.

  1. I relate so much to this post. The painful but important journey of healing, but at the same time trying to be with the same hurting people who caused our wounds in the first place. Like you shared, God’s constant love is my great comfort and my great guidance for how to move forward.

    Thank you so much for sharing! It’s empowering each time I see I am not on this journey alone. It helps me rise up when my faith starts to falter.

    Wishing you strength, love, peace, and contentment on your journey. 🌸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you. I had a trigger that set me off. For which I am bit annoyed at myself for losing the plot as I thought I had got over it. Layers! more inner work to do, clearly, for me.

      I wish you love, peace, and success on your journey

      Liked by 1 person

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