Thought for today – Stop

Don’t give energy to your enemies. You might have no enemies but people who cause you pain. Don’t keep watering the pain.Let there be a drought in your thoughts and the energy you give towards that person or situation. Let it dry out.Stop watering it.Stop feeding it.Let it dry out, wilt and be no more.Continue reading “Thought for today – Stop”

Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

Don’t forget to love yourself. In times of great difficulty – don’t forget to love yourself. Don’t forget to say to yourself, you are doing your best. Everyone is finding it hard right now. Smile to yourself and strangers. A smile is a virtual hug. Don’t forget to love yourself and those you live with.Continue reading “Don’t Forget to Love Yourself”

Life Lessons – Repeat Until We Learn

Life is one big lesson or a series of lesson. Life is an opportunity to be a better person each and every day. Lessons  will come into our life. Lessons will come into our life – repeatedly until we learn the lesson. There was a film called Groundhog Day with Bill Murry (to this dayContinue reading “Life Lessons – Repeat Until We Learn”

Releasing A Deep Hurt – Our Feelings can Perpetuate our Pain.

Thoughts are generated from our feelings.Feelings are generated from our thoughts.Our senses see, hear, feel and taste life.From our senses, we create impressions.From which our thoughts and feelings emerge. And ‘over’- thinking emerges. A deep hurt. We have worked to release, to let go, move past.This hurt has a multitude of layers.As one layer releases,Continue reading “Releasing A Deep Hurt – Our Feelings can Perpetuate our Pain.”

Meditation Commentary – The Space Beyond Criticism

Today’s meditation is from Release your wings channel on Youtube – all the meditation shared here are from students of  Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris world spiritual organisation. These meditation are not my creation Hope you enjoyed this meditation commentary.  I post meditation commentaries weekly.  None are created by myself, all canContinue reading “Meditation Commentary – The Space Beyond Criticism”

Let Go of What breaks your heart.

Here are a select of quotes to inspires us to let go of what hurts us. To hold on to pain so dearly and not to forgive them, is my way of punishing them. This is a false logic. You know they have moved on. And here you are stuck in a rut, getting moreContinue reading “Let Go of What breaks your heart.”