2020 Podcast 03 – Letting Go

Hi Friends, At the beginning of 2020 I promised myself I would create Podcasts at least once a month. Well – we all know what happened in 2020 . Anyway, these are the other 2 podcasts I created in 2020. 2020 Podcast 02 – Discipline and Meditation. A Ramble. 2020 Podcast 01 by Thoughtsnlifeblog.com Todays podcastContinue reading “2020 Podcast 03 – Letting Go”

Releasing A Deep Hurt – Our Feelings can Perpetuate our Pain.

Thoughts are generated from our feelings.Feelings are generated from our thoughts.Our senses see, hear, feel and taste life.From our senses, we create impressions.From which our thoughts and feelings emerge. And ‘over’- thinking emerges. A deep hurt. We have worked to release, to let go, move past.This hurt has a multitude of layers.As one layer releases,Continue reading “Releasing A Deep Hurt – Our Feelings can Perpetuate our Pain.”

Because, The Way You Think Impacts Your Life and Your Health!

The Law of Attraction states that we attract our predominant thoughts. Therefore, if our predominant thought is of a negative nature. For example, anger, fear, worry, revenge, sorrow or anything else negative we will manifest that, we will attract negativity in our life. We will at some time in the future be in some turmoilContinue reading “Because, The Way You Think Impacts Your Life and Your Health!”