Experience vs Habit

Experience vs Habit
What is the difference?

Experience is gained by doing something over and over again.
Habits are created by doing something over and over again!

Are bad habits a bad experience?
Are good habits a good experience?

The point is both experience and habits are developed by the single act of repetition over time. Be that time long or short.


We gain experience. We create habits.

We are strong and capable of learning and growing.

We are not weak.
We are not weak.
We may be lazy.
We may procrastinate.
But we are not weak.


So Good habits and Good experiences are what I repeatedly do.
Bad habits and bad experiences are what I repeatedly do.
To ‘Do’ is to think, feel, react, respond, feel, physically do.


If I am constantly angry – I attract anger. I am experienced the skill of being angry! I have the habit of being angry.
If I constantly negativity, I am an expert in seeing things in a pessimistic light. I have the habit of being negative.

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We human beings. The ‘being’ being is the Soul. The Soul is pure positive energy. But, if I keep feeding myself negativity, dark thoughts, weak thoughts, I am creating the habit and I become skilled in the experience of negativity all the time. Then, the law of attraction will manifest my constant negativity. Then I wonder WHY!


To be positive, to be upbeat, to be happy no matter what is a thought, feeling and action that is repeatedly done.

In today’s or yesterday’s spiritual class, it was said that the current is a time of adversity and bad behaviours. Take it as a test paper, and pass the test. In other words, see the blessing in difficulties, turn difficulties into opportunities to grow and learn. See the opportunity in the challenge.

Both HABITS and EXPERIENCES are created by what we REPEATEDLY DO. So are affirmations. And so is the law of attraction and manifesting. Manifest and affirm with your whole being, your heart, mind, thoughts and I the SOUL be positive in all aspects of life.

Your sweet smile at a stranger could make their day. Holding the door for someone. Saying Thank you. Appreciating your own life and appreciating the simple things.

LIFE is what we repeatedly do, think, feel, speak, dream.
We are STRONG.

But are we LAZY. Procrastination, laziness, fear and overwhelm make us weak. But, baby step by baby step we can turn our whole life around.

If it is so easy to have bad habits, then make it easy to have GOOD habits and experiences.

Repeatedly do and be your best every second of every day.

OWN your LIFE. Don’t waste it with negativity.

Thank you. Do comment below your thoughts on this post. And are you going to focus on the creation of a positive life by simply repeating all that is good? See you in the comments below and the next post. We are what we think. Our thoughts make us happy or sad. We control our thoughts.


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I believe that the thoughts we create impact our life greatly. If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them, catch our negative thinking.We can change our life. Read my 'About' page to find out more about thoughtsnlifeblog.com

33 thoughts on “Experience vs Habit

  1. Hey Bella I really like this post and am bookmarking it. Btw have you ever read the book “Atomic Habits”? It’s about making tiny micro-habits and making changes incrementally. One trick is to make the reward of a habit the cue to remind you to do another habit.

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    1. I have heard of the book. And read about micro habits and awards. I should read it. I guess when I use the word repeat to create a habit I lump in that all the baby steps – ie incrementally.

      Thank you for reminding me of the book

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  2. Excellent highlight Bella on how our habits attract the same kind thoughts and events. Huge cheers for positive mindset and affirmations ❤️

    I had to giggle because you wrote this post, Jeff is writing a post on the law of attraction and I’m posting one that discusses habits too.

    Magical connection❣️ 😍
    Or could be the typical first of the new year reflection on creating a better year 😉

    Great post ❣️

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      1. Posting on the habits tomorrow but loved the coincidence of our thoughts on the same path😉

        And such different posts in the same subject which is why I love WordPress so much!! Bloggers have such wonderful insight ❣️

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      2. I think wordpress.com’s community is the best. And it so much fun connecting to like minded on the web, in different countries and learning from each other. Blogging has definitely helped me in so many ways I never thoughts of when I started to blog. Look forward to reading you post.

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  3. An interesting post, Bella. I always think of experience in a positive light, namely, learnings that we gain in a field of knowledge like our work or our writing that help us grow and become better at the tasks we are undertaking. For me, a habit has a more negative connotation and implies something we do repeatedly for emotional or mental comfort but which is not necessarily good for us. For example, having a glass of wine every evening is a habit of mine but it’s not necessarily the best thing for my health or well being.

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    1. You are 100% right. I was being deliberately silly, sarcastic in this post. The point being both are gained through repeating something. Both require choice. Both have a positive and a negative. We can have negative experiences in life and in career. Experiences are generally positive as we progress in life. But you can be negative. For example: In one work place we learn something one way and potential the wrong way, and take that experience into another work place and be a manager. As a manager we set it up all wrong, and no one question you. I saw that in one workplace. Where the manager would open lasts month closed payroll for an employee who was leaving to process p45, which is a weird thing to do. He taught that to all his workers. Until challenged by myself and another experienced new hire came in. I am not a payroll person just an business analyst. I have seen all sorts in certain work places and in life. So an employee picked bad work habits through experience.

      I was being silly in this post deliberately. I hope you don’t mind.

      But Robbie you are 100 and 10 % right. Generally experience is positive and habit is negative. But then again we have good habits and bad experiences too.


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      1. Hi Bella, I found it interesting to learn more about your work experience. I have been doing variations of my job for a long time and have a lot of experience which has benefited me a great deal. I suppose that is why I think of it as being a positive thing, but I can see that it could also be negative. You are right there are also good habits like going to bed early and getting up early. I enjoyed this post, it made me think about my own ideas on these two topics.

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      2. Many thanks Robbie for your thoughtful comments and inner reflection. I have had multiple jobs and met loads of people and bosses, and different nationalities. I have worked local, national and internationally. Good, bad and ugly experiences. I have mainly worked on Peoplesoft HR – and I think you might have heard of it or at least PeopleSoff Financials . I think work experience, career experience is a good experience and a good boss helps. I have grown the most because of working it really helped me so soooo much. But, at the same time I have had bosses and Hell was experienced. But, I have grown so much. of course much more to grow and keep growing. But, now life is different.

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      3. Lol. Do you use HR or financial. I am more than a user i am an ex user. I used toI helped develop business needs. But been put of work for a year. Was made redundant and then mum’s health, other stuff, so God knows about a job search or …

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