Thought for Today – Haste Makes Waste – Pause

Never rush anything. There is always time to pause. Anything done immediately in haste, stress or pressure will always result in errors and more time and effort in fixing them.

The best decisions are taken when we create space, time, and distance to think about everything before making a decision.


Never come under pressure for an immediate response. Always make time to pause and think. Situation and people can cloud our thinking, putting pressure on us (unintentionally) to make a fast decision. But, I have learnt that even the most urgent decision does have scope for a bit of pause, a little prayer, for clarity to come and the correct answer to present itself.

Remember Haste Makes Waste, Remember to Pause.

In haste, we can make an incorrect decision that will cost us time, money, and effort. Some of those decisions are life-altering, and if we get these wrong, we pay the price for months or even years. The price is an emotional one and a financial one.

Haste comes in the form of fear, stress, insecurity, naivety, ego/arrogance I know better, fitting in, lack of life experience and utter confusion in the heat of the situation, and much more. Therefore a pause, for a moment, a day or even a week, or longer, will save you and others emotional turmoil, financial loss, and time.

Remember Haste Makes Waste, Remember to Pause.

I make it a point to PAUSE no matter how forceful someone might be with me. If my head and heart are not clear, I will never make the decision then and there. I have learnt the HARD way!

It is your life, and you will be the one to deal with the consequences.
Remember Haste Makes Waste, Remember to Pause


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