Gratitude!  Changing  Negative to Positive.

Today, I lie in bed recovering from an upset tummy.   Yesterday, was spent running back and forth from the bathroom.   How totally glamorous!   I kid you not.   At that time I felt I was dying, and it was not a pleasant sight.    I know that most of us  have  experienced such a wonderful event in our life at some point “unfortunately”!    What plans I had for yesterday and today.   I am still not well and can see myself being better by Monday (I hope).

So how does one bring oneself up from this state of affairs, were you are physically messed up, and you’re unable to identify what triggered this, so there is no next time. I am still a bit confused.   However, there is one thing I can do and that is to be grateful.

  • For having someone in the house who could go to the pharmacist and ask what to do.
  • Hot water bottle to take the pain away.
  • Hot water to have a bath, so wonderful to have hot bath – you all know the feeling after being ill, warm water that soothes all the pain away.
  • Bed to sleep in.
  • Previous experience to know it won’t last.  So, don’t panic, it will be okay.
  • Living so close to the shops,  that even if I was alone I could have just about made it to pharmacist.

Turn a negative into a positive always. Enjoy life even if the current situation is rather un-glamorous.  Perhaps  this is not a blog/social media topic, but, hey we have to laugh and to laugh at oneself is a good place to start!  Everything in life is an opportunity to be a better version of yourself (and make friends with the toilet – lol)!!

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May you be blessed with happiness always.



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