Yoga Stretches and Exercises for Working from Home

Working from home or even in an office can lead to aches and pain in our neck, shoulders and lower back. Regular movement is necessary to get rid of these pains.

Health and safety at work guidelines normally state that we are supposed to move or look away from our computer every 20 mins for 5 minutes. It really makes you more effective and efficient then just powering through your work. Getting away from our desk, stepping out for some air, drink some water, move your body, or a quick meditation will make you feel better and energised. Additionally, it is important to do some target exercises to supplement having breaks from your desk.

I am not medically trained. However, I know that when I don’t take breaks or do movement exercise I will be in quite a lot of pain, and struggle for days. I would like to share with you a couple of videos that you might find useful to follow to help you with any tension in your Neck , Shoulders or Lower Back.


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2 thoughts on “Yoga Stretches and Exercises for Working from Home

  1. Have started streching more as I’m not getting the morning gym fix to move about my sedentry job.

    Downloaded an app to do the splits, just because I need a goal to work towards while off đŸ˜…

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