Happiness – A poem, a thought , a dance of life.


To accept life the good and the bad. To glide across the pond like a swan, with grace and elegance. Content, simple and whole. Water off a ducks back. Navigating the hurdles of life, undamaged, remaining sweet, whole, easy and light.

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com











Happiness is a frame of mind. Happiness is a daily choice, a daily act. It is a promise to myself, that no matter the praise, insult or defamation received my happiness, my peace will remain whole. Not only whole it will bloom. As a master of my life I am happy in all that I do, and in all my responses to life situations. I glide elegantly through the storms, like a warm comforting breeze. I am whole. I am at peace. I am happy.


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  1. “Happiness is a frame of mind. Happiness is a daily choice, a daily act” , loved these lines and can’t agree more. I too have expressed my views on real happiness in my blog-https://digurself.wordpress.com/2020/05/05/self-love-and-real-happiness/ . Kindly drop by and share your valuable remarks

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