Be Your Own Rock.

Be your own rock.

Be your own shoulder to cry on.

Life has taught me this lesson, time and time again.

And I am grateful to myself that I embraced this lesson fairly young.

Though the lessons vary, my inner strength may vary too.

But one thing is for sure, God is always with me. I Keep my hand in his. Guiding me, stepping in, sharing his word, my gut hearing it on most occasions.

I believe there is benefit in everything. This mindset is the single biggest lesson in my life. It has allowed me to trust, and to be patient.

The other lesson, being I can handle most things. Sure people will say, you should have done it xyz way. And oh boy they do.

I no longer care, cause life gives you lessons, you get experienced, and you learn no two stories are the same, no two personalities are the same. Only you know what is right for you and your family. And the three monkeys Principles need to be applied quick smart when it comes to others opinions.

The point is. Be experienced, become wise, and be your own rock, not because life makes you; but because you decided to be strong, independent and interdependent, but never dependent. Because you say to yourself. To yourself you say, this us how I am going to be. You forget along the way. And life will remind you again!

I can’t say it enough. Be your own rock. Not hard and bitter. But soft and lovely. But strong and kind. Strong and humble. Strong and gentle.

Be your own Rock I say!

Because, then you know you, you know your strength, no matter what they say, how they judge. But you know, and there is no need to prove to anyone. Just be you. Humble and strong. Kind and strong. Honest and strong. Truthful and strong. Be strong!.

There is nothing like knowing your inner strength- quiet, invisible to the point others think you weak. But, you are a lion, walking your path independently.

Be your own rock, you will thank yourself for making that decision in years to come, and test papers to come.

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30 thoughts on “Be Your Own Rock.

  1. This is a good post. But (at risk of being shunned as one of those who said “you should have done it xyz way,” I offer as counterpoint a snippet from a post by Revruss I just read in which he revealed lessons he had learned from climbing a kind of ‘rock’:

    […] about our life journeys. When we choose to walk them alone, we find that every challenge along the way is a lot more difficult, the joys aren’t quite as joyous, and the questions dwell and nag at us a lot more.

    Companions lighten every load and heighten every celebration.

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    1. Oh yeah agree, companions are essentially in life otherwise what is life. And I guess I should said that in my post. I guess my post is about when you are alone due to xyz, that you have the strength. Life without companions really is no life. But, life puts us in times where we might feel utterly alone, even though we have friends and family. And that’s when a lot of this poem/ post applies. This was a raw off the cuff, SoCs piece , almost in the heat of the moment.

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    2. Ps you are not shunned. I visited revruss posts and it was a good read. I hope my previous comments shines the lights on my reasoning for this post. And you highlight to me how I really should have set the scene for this SoCs piece. It really is for those moments where you with people, but alone in a difficult situation

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  2. This is a hard lesson which comes with age and experience, I think. When we’re young, we want to be saved or rescued. But we learn that we can’t rely on other people to save us. Not that everyone is unreliable, because we can have good, reliable friends. It’s just that it’s too much to put on them and sometimes people just can’t help us, even if they want to, because we need to learn our lessons ourselves. You’re right that we have God to rely on.

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