Thought for today -Introvert, Shy, Confidence!

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Society says if you are an extrovert, confident etc you get places. And yes, we see it is the case. That is because Society has created it that way, made us believe this the only way.


🖋 it is okay to be You.
🖋 You are unique
🖋 You make progress in your own way.
🖋 We are not in competition with anyone but ourself.
🖋 when we try to be what we are not, we become unhappy.
🖋 embrace who you are and shine.

Sure things like low self esteem and low confidence get in the way. As does being shy. Take baby steps to step out of your comfort zone, and always pat yourself on the back for having the courage to take that step. That step might go well, or it might feel like hell, but you did it, right!

🖋 remember to be You. And work on what you want to improve, to enhance the quality of your life.
🖋 remember as an introvert you can be an extrovert in the right company. But it isn’t about proving you are an extrovert. It is about being comfortable as you are. And that will be a confidence that will show the world /society that they need to rethink .
🖋Again, it is not about proving to the world, it is about you being happy and living a full life. This is confidence .. the confidence to be You.

Let’s not forget society thought the earth was flat! And now we know it is round.

Be You.

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13 thoughts on “Thought for today -Introvert, Shy, Confidence!

  1. I find that the older you get, the more comfortable you become with your introvert personality. I also like how you point out that you can be an extrovert in the right company. It’s like being a little turtle.

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  2. I believe every word in this post. We’re not here to please others, but rather enjoy being who we truly are. I’m an introvert, and I love who I am. I am learning everyday to be a better version of myself. Thanks for the thought!

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