Overwhelmed at Work – Simple Tips to Manage


Being overwhelmed, scared or fearful at work, makes it hard for us to carry out our duties, and it causes a lot of stress.   

Being calm and focused at work is a priority. 

If we are worried, it impacts our work and our pay packet.  Our thoughts, our way of thinking impact all areas of life.    

When we have a goal/aim to focus on in a our professional development it allows us to manage our sense of  fear and it calms us down.  Here are a few tips and of course you probably have a few more to add.


Managing my Own Performance at Work

Here are a few tips to help you Manage Yourself at work.

  • Create a positive outlook on the situation /work even though you feel scared /overwhelmed.
  • Change your mind-set from fearful/scared to motivated/determined.   I can do this, I will be okay.
  • Investigate the work and see if you are capable of it, otherwise work with another in the team to understand the requirement of the work.
  • Do the most important piece of work first not the easiest or nicest.
  • When the priorities or scope changes handle it with positive /non-reactive way.  If you are a facial expression person, then watch your facial expression.

I hope these little tips are useful.  Often making a little note card with helpful reminders will assist you at work.

I am not a career councilor.  I share from my own life experiences where I have gained a level of success and achievement.   Would you like more blog posts that are career related ?

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