Intelligent – Really!

We all consider ourselves relatively intelligent, relatively clever, smart, and we all have some common sense?  – Right?

Then,  if the above holds true for myself and yourself, why do we get stuck ? Why do we get hurt ?  Why do we do negative things, gossip, hold on to what is bad , hurtful, painful, eat the wrong food,  drink , etc etc…

Intelligence means the ability to understand right from wrong, what is good for us , what is bad for us.   Would you agree ?

We know everything, we do , we really do.  But, boy do we have a love affair with being hurt, being down ,  gossiping and doing things that are counter intelligent! – Right!

So let us be intelligent today – because we are intelligent – aren’t we!

Put lazyness , procrastination, carelessness aside and be smart and live smart. Let stop the negative automatic pilot habits and let us be intelligent from this day on-wards, forever until we ultimately say good bye!

Success is our birth right – so don’t self sabotage it.

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16 thoughts on “Intelligent – Really!

    1. Hi Monica, Thank you – I hope you are well. I hope work is quietening down. I am still trying to get use to the new job and blogging – it is quite hard. Have a good rest of the week and weekend if we dont speak. Regards Bella

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      1. Yes it is a challenge, but it makes my work fun and interesting so I’m back up for it 😊 congrats on the new job and best wishes! You enjoy your week as well Bella!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for the comment, schools have much to be responsible for, thank god we are not in school forever. Well we can be in the school of life where we make ourself wise !!! have good week and weekend incase we don’t speak. I thought I might be in the swing of blogging and working , but I dont think I am … I am soooooo tired – but thought at least I should respond to comments etc.
      take care and speak soon.


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