Thoughts – Negative, Wasteful, Unhelpful Thoughts


What is the definition of a useful and uplifting thought ? 


A thought that makes you feel good.

A thought that increases your feeling of your own value.

A thought that helps you smile and know it is all going to be alright,  even when it is dark all around.

A thought that allows you to give good feelings to others, even though you are at the receiving end of their painful words/actions

A thought that says I am good , I am fine,  I am well, I am good,  I am capable.  I am the only version of me and that is the best version of me (today). Tomorrow I will be even better.  I am unique and I am good.

A thought that leaves you feeling uplifted, internally strong, peaceful, calm, wise, joyful, for-filled, overflowing with the love of the divine and the power of yourself.

A thought that says you are not alone  you have The Divine, you have yourself.  You are a powerful kind soul.

A thought that says you are walking the right path, even if you are walking alone, for you are walking on the right side of karma.   You might have to learn and change and grow, but you are open to that.

Conclusion Useful thoughts are those that increase the experience of your own value.  Therefore, anything else is a negative, wasteful or  unhelpful thought that drains you! 


How to be positive?

Well, being positive  has to be a daily effort!  Because we have the habit of negativity, which really is not our natural state.  We need to remind ourselves daily, and even a few times in the day to be positive to have useful thoughts.  Therefore, daily meditation, daily affirmations, gratitude, Intentions, Journalling, and Daily routines.

Search for the  words Daily, or Meditation, or journal, etc  in the search bar of my blog and you will find several old post  I have written, which may be helpful.

Also, I share a few of my older post  below that might interest you.

“We are the masters of our thoughts and it is our decision and choice to think what we think!  Therefore, who’s mind holds the key to happiness?”



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