Thought for Today – Be a Tree

A tree is stable and grounded. It sways in the wind or storm. Rustling its song in the gentle breeze. Providing shade in the sun, Shelter in the rain. Fruit of some sort. Elegantly it stands. Graceful letting go of the old making room for new, as the seasons change. A place for nests. A branch to sit on, A place to jump on as the squirrels make their route. Roots deep and wide, gathering nutrients and creating a foundation, so strong and stable, no storm can disturb. Strong and stable, beneficial to all, flexible and humble, kind and sharing.

Be A tree. Let your character unfold, your grace flow, your benevolence shine, your strength support in humble way. Grounded and firm, flexible and kind. Elegant and tall. Strong and flexible. Humble and giving. Be a tree and let your character speak your beauty.

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