New Habit – Let’s Be Kind

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Random Acts of Kindness.

Let me smile at everyone I meet today, even if I don’t know them.   Let me send out good wishes, peace, compassion and love to the world.   Let me catch myself when a negative thought, feeling or deed is about to emerge from within me and let me replace it with:- kindness, good wishes/feelings and peace.  Or, may be I simply accept that’s the way it is, and move on without holding any pain in my heart.


This will allow me to be a generator of kindness and it will allow me to break the habits of judging, blaming, gossiping, and criticizing (aka all the negative stuff). It will allow me to be an ambassador of good wishes and kindness for the world. It will allow me to create a new habit of being positive and kind no matter what is thrown my way.


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May you be blessed with happiness always.

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P.S First posted in  11 March 2016



10 thoughts on “New Habit – Let’s Be Kind

  1. this reminds me of a story, it’s a sad story though:/, of a guy who jumped off the Golden State bridge. He had written a letter saying that he was depressed and that he had no more hope to live anymore, but he said if one person smiled at him while walking towards the bridge, he wouldn’t jump. Sadly, no one smiled at him. this is very important. be kind to everyone especially the smile to everyone part. great post

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