Daily Intention – Self Discipline

Setting a Daily Intention

When we set an intention for the day or even for the week. We create a positive focus for the day. We have an aim of how we want our mindset to be, where we want our thoughts to be directed and we create a new habit.   Our automatic pilot – well, most of us have an automatic pilot that is set to negative in some way.  Setting a daily or weekly intention helps break the automatic negative response to a positive and beautiful way of living.

Today,  I would like to suggest “self discipline” as today’s intention.  Actually, we can practice Self Discipline for the entire week?

Let us explore what self -discipline is?

Without Discipline we cannot achieve anything. With discipline we achieve everything we wish to. Without out discipline we are lazy and we procrastinate on a task, and then we get frustrated.

Self Discipline means getting yourself to do what is important, what is necessary, and what needs to be done.  Rather than being a leaf on a tree that is blown about by the wind of our thoughts, feelings, laziness, fear ,or whatever we might be feeling that jeopardizes my self discipline.

Self discipline is not loosing control of ourself when we feel angry or hurt.   It is being able to stay humble and assertive in a difficult situation.  It is being able to know when to speak and when to let go.  Self Discipline as allows me to be Royal in my character and my interactions with all.

Affirmation & Application

I have self-discipline.  I use my time well and get things done (even if it a chores).  I choose my actions with detachment, I don’t get sucked into an argument.  I am motivated in all tasks, big or small, interesting or boring.  I am Royalty- I walk, talk with grace,  and in the face of rudeness – I am not bothered.  I live in a clean , tidy home.  I keep my home and my living, working spaces clean at all times.  As I know cleanliness is discipline and the state of my home impacts my feelings and thoughts.   I hang my coats up, I put my shoes away,  I put my clothes away,  I keep the kitchen and house clean ready for the next day, or next meal.  I am disciplined in all aspects of my life, home, work, family, social, self development  etc.etc   I get things done in an orderly and efficient way.  I create routines for myself that I follow.   I am detached in actions, so that my emotions don’t control and sabotage my self discipline.    I know that discipline creates freedom and order.  I live and work in clean tidy places, and I see the positive impact that order, routine, and discipline have on my life, my well being, my happiness, and my thoughts and feelings are less chaotic.

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25 thoughts on “Daily Intention – Self Discipline

  1. I believe I have self discipline. I have learned not to be in a state of ‘reaction.’ I have learned some thing are better if I just ‘let it be.’ I am ok even though my house isn’t as clean as it was before I got a chronic illness. I am kind and truly know how to be empathetic and practice empathy with all those I come in contact with. I no longer tolerate abuse of any kind and will speak for myself, every time.

    My self discipline learned in the working world very much fits your put into practice affirmation. After getting chronically ill, I had to change my definition.

    Thanks, Bella! This was a great post!😊💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kim, thank you. This is a very powerful, strong and beautiful statement of your self discipline and learning if life due to your illness. Beautifully expressed. Wish you improved health.
      Thank you again for a great comment so powerful.

      Take care speak soon.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a very powerful and inspiring post on Self Discipline dear Bella and yes with the affirmations that you give us that are so useful it is good to be self disciplined in life so that we can then move forward in our lives in a confident manner. Thanks so much for always motivating us. Bella I have kept my Poet’s Touch on the Blog today. All thanks for your encouragement that the book finally came out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kamal, wow that so exciting to have a book in print. Well done. I want to write a book , but i have no clue what to write about. I am super happy for you. very very well done. I am sure the book looks beautiful and feels beautiful to the touch. well done it is a great achievement and great and experience.


      1. Thanks dear Bella and u know u too need to write a book from all your blog postings u r so inspiring and encouraging to one and all and people would love reading your work. I have an Indian publisher who does only on line publishing and he published my book on Amazon and now he has put it on paperback so if anyone wishes to buy they can. U must go ahead and make a book many people will read it. I will be the first to buy your book. Love and light to u dear.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes same here it took so many years to publish my poetry book, Bella. Just forget about what people will think u have to push yourself and go ahead with what u like to do and Bella u r awesome with your words all will be good.

        Liked by 1 person

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