Discontent – Is Your Head a Maraca?

Discontent – Is Your Head a Maraca?

When life hits and shakes you,  is your head/mind like a Maraca, making a noise?  Full of turmoil? Blame? Why, What, How and When?  Is this the sound of your mind/head?   Does it feel like it is going to explode, and you just can’t stop it?

Is this the sound of your mind/head?   Does it feel like it is going to explode, and you just can’t stop it?

When we feel like this?  What does this mean about our inner self, our inner heart and mind?  What do we need to do help us stop this noise and how do we find peace, stability and contentment?

Clearly, when we feel like this, we are discontent, we are not peaceful inside, we are unstable, unhappy about something in our life.  When we are full inside, even the hardest of storms will not disturb us!

You see, Maracas are made to make noise; that is why there a few beans inside. But, if the Maraca was full of beans and you shake it, it won’t make a noise at all.  

Because we are lacking inner peace, inner calm, stability, respect and contentment, we are quite disturbed most of the time.  We either worry about the future or wish something didn’t happen in the past.  We are never living in the NOW, the present moment. We are always chasing to buy something, to achieve something, to make money, to be successful, to escape, and we just want, want and want.

All of us are unique; therefore, we should not compare and get depressed.  We are all talented in different ways.  We do not need to be like the neighbours or like Joe at work. We just need to be the best version of me, and that is perfectly fine and great.

We need to understand what it is that is making unhappy and discontent?

Think about when you were a child; what made you happy, and content?   Those are the same things that will make you happy as an adult.

There is much to be said about simplifying your life and decluttering physical and mental junk.   There is a lot to be said about meditation daily, for journaling and being grateful every day.   There is a lot to be said about setting a daily intention of being positive daily.    There is a lot to be said about loving yourself as you are and not comparing yourself to another.  There is a lot to be said about redefining what success means to you.

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Discontent – Is Your Head a Maraca?

Answer: Fill yourself with positivity, peace, simplicity, altruistic love, and contentment and dare to be you.   Because when you are full of contentment, your head won’t be a Maraca, and it won’t explode because it will all be water off a duck’s back.   Nothing is as important as being full of simple contentment.

I would challenge you to make a goal for the next three months (daily)

  1. to find beauty in the small things,
  2. to find a positive thought to practice and instil in your life
  3. to find time to meditate, journal, and say gratitude
  4. to practise affirmation
  5. to believe that there is benefit in everything, even if the worst happens. This will change your outlook on life and change your life.
  6. to slow down.
  7. to look at your definition of success.  Yes, money is important, but really is that the definition of success.  Or is it;  when I am so full of peace, happiness, and contentment that when a storm hits, I am solid in my peace.
  8. to make each day a baby step toward a fully peaceful and contented you.
  9. to pat yourself on the back for each baby step you take toward inner peace and contentment.
  10. not to concentrate on the negative, always find a positive, and focus on the positive.  Identify the lesson in the negative, but only focus on the positive.  When we focus on the negative in trying to improve ourselves, it makes us become depressed. So always focus on the positive no matter what.

Parting thought: 

What we fill our head and our heart with is our choice. Our definition of our life is our choice.  The pain we suffer is our choice.  The happiness we create our choice.  Being moody and moaning our choice.  Each day is a gift to practice the art of being happy, peaceful and content; don’t waste it. For when we die, we won’t take our money, this body, our beautiful look,  the house, the car… we take our character and our habits.  We are immortal souls/spirits/light, what we do in this birth impacts your next birth.  

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful share, Bella and for sure thoughts are like the marakka and I simply loved the quote of Success. Life sure is a roller-coaster and being positive and doing the affirmations are the real thing to keep us grounded.

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