Exercise for Beginners

Exercise we all know is good for us. Some of us love it, some of us have the Discipline to do it, some of us hate it.

Which ever way we feel about exercise, it is important for:-

  • Health
  • Management of many health conditions, like diabetes and even heart issues. But please speak to a Dr in these cases.
  • It is good for mental health issues (depression, stress, overwhelm etc) as it release dopamine and other help chemicals in the brain that help lift up our moods.
  • It keeps us flexible
  • It keeps our bodies functional in old or young age.
  • It keeps the fat off.
  • it makes you motivated and gives you energy.
  • If you sit all day at your job, or blogging, or both you aren’t getting enough movement. When we don’t get movement our body starts to seize up, lock, we get aches and pains. As we grow older the damage gets worse.
  • Movement helps no end.

it is important to exercise. It is important to do it safely. If you haven’t exercise for ages, start slowly, but start. If you have health issues speak to a Dr, who will be supportive and give guidance.

I share three different beginners videos, one of them might suit you. Enjoy it and take it at the right pace. Don’t go mad and do yourself an injury. And if you don’t like any of these I am sure you can find another exercise that is good for you. But any movement is better than zero.

I am no trainer, or Dr. Today is world health day. Physical health helps with mental health and vice a versa.

So if exercise is a challenge for you, because it ain’t your thing, maybe it is time to change your mindset. There are benefits. It requires motivation and discipline. Start today and grow it for the rest of your life.

Where am I on the exercise scale? I need to do more. When I do it I feel all the benefits. Am I stupidly lazy? Unfortunately – yes. Is this post for me? Yes it is. Lol. DID I exercise today? Yes I Did.

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15 thoughts on “Exercise for Beginners

    1. I am the same. But I have noticed any exercise takes the stress, anxiety etc away. Or you can find one you like on youtube. I have shared for varying abilities, age and health. You will be surprised how effective chair exercise can be.

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      1. I think I’d like to try the chair exercise first. I sit at a desk all day long hunched at a computer and it’s terrible for the upper back/neck. The chair ones seem good to counteract that.

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    2. Well, if you hate exercising you actually don’t need to do it. You just need some good changes for a healthy living. There’s so much you can do without actually without following any regimen. The author of this blog can explain you so much better.

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