A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 15

Let’s face it life can be just plain hard at times. It can be very exhausting and we think to yourself when will it stop, when will it get better? The fact is life does get better eventually. But, every day we need work on our self. Make ourselves resilient. A daily habit of meditation,Continue reading “A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 15”

A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 13

A new day. A new second. A new minute. A new hour. A new week. A New ME! I am a Soul. I am at peace. I am Light. I am eternal. I am more than this body. I am light. I am spirit. I am Light. I am at Peace. I am more thanContinue reading “A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 13”

A Calmer Me -Meditation /Self-Care Challenge Day 4

Welcome to the daily meditation challenge for August. When I am clear in my mind, then everything becomes so much easier in life. Making time for meditation and silence refreshes us in away that we become new! A beautiful meditation from the release your wings youtube channel

Wednesday Meditation -Clarity of The Mind

Like the clear blue waters, clarity of mind is a cool and calming embrace. Clarity of the mind, helps us tap into the deep wisdom that is within us. Clarity helps us discern and make better decisions. Deliberately, slowing down our thoughts, and changing our thought patterns during the day will help us be moreContinue reading “Wednesday Meditation -Clarity of The Mind”