Dare To Be Good, Be Kind, Be Bold, Be You….

Dare to be good, peaceful, pure and kind…

Dare to be a beautiful Soul, with beautiful manners, with beautiful character…

Don’t worry about physical beauty,  work on being a beautiful Soul, a beautiful  character, for that is your personality and that is what makes you – you! 

Dare to be Divine, Angelic and Royal … 

Dare to shine bright , full of  goodness and character…

Dare to be peaceful and spread peace and purity everywhere you go.  Like a sweet fragrant flower, spread you peace and purity.

Be lost in love of the Divine, and see the beauty that is you, that is peace, that is the atmosphere you create around you.   

Be great whatever you are, be true and be your unique self, for we are born to be unique.

So don’t compare, just be your beautiful self, that is an immortal soul, a point of light,  lost in the company of The Divine.

Your wisdom of caring, kindness, humility, love and generousity.  Of openess and sharing, not of greed, pride and arrogance.

Dare to be good,  generous, kind and caring….

Dare to be with manners and good behaviour. Dare….  

Be good and kind when all others are mean and cruel.  Let your good behaviour shine.

Never compromise your goodness to fit into the world, especially if the world is walking the wrong direction of greed and power.

Dare  to  ..

Be you, be unique, be the shining diamond you are.

Dare …

Not to compare yourself with others  for your are meant to be unique.

Dare to …

Be bold and be different. 

Different because of your beautiful character and nature.  Beautiful because of how you speak to others, care for others, treat others.     Beautiful in your simple way of life, that is kind to yourself, others, the earth, the animals..

Not different in a way that stands out.  Not as an extrovert, with arrogance and ego.  But different as a beautiful introvert.  

An introvert that is constantly changing  themselves to be a better person. An introvert works on their inner world, their inner thoughts,  their character and transforms themselves into the best they can be.   There is great wisdom and power in an Introvert. Their character is their beauty and  strenght. Their kindness is their beauty and strenght. Their Peace is their Strenght.  Quitely assertive is the introvert, for their mind is beautiful, and still.  They are content in themselves. 

Dare to be an introvert…..

Be Bold, Be Different, be an Introvert.      Shine like the diamond you are.  Let your Soul shine bright.


Dare to be one with Character, Goodness, Morals, Integrity, Manners and Ethics….. DARE to be…..

Dare to be good,  Dare to be Kind..

Dare to do good everything single day of your life, for every breath you take DARE TO BE GOOD!

Dare To Be Good, Be Kind, Be Bold, Be You….

Parting thought:-  To be all things beautiful in character should be a normal state of play for all human beings, not to be negativity or cruelity to yourself or others.

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Our thoughts make us happy or sad. Our thoughts and feelings are in our hands. Our life is a selection of choices.  No one owes you anything we need to go out there and make it happen.  If we feel sad it is for us to change our thoughts and feelings.

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27 thoughts on “Dare To Be Good, Be Kind, Be Bold, Be You….

  1. Loved your post!
    W are called to do unto others as we want done to us and also true beauty does come from within. It comes from the peace and joy that a person has in Christ form knowing how much they are loved by him and therefore they can be happy who they are as a person in Christ.

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  2. In the core we all are good, kind, loving… it’s just that we got distorted in different ways and our survival modes often win. But under the layers of weeds we are nothing else but love ❤️ I think we live in the times of great transformation and more and more realize that the survival modes of ego have to go away

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You make a beautiful and valid point. Absolutely the egos surival mode. You are absolutely right. Many thanks for reading and commenting. You make a valid point .. I must incorparate next time I write a post like this. The way we forget to be pur love, is our ego and its surival. Eckhart Tolle speaks of this in the power of now book. Thank you. Have a beautiful day.

      Liked by 1 person

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