Daily Intention – Courage

Daily Intention – Courage


Courage is personal bravery in the face of fear.

Courage is facing your fears no matter what.

Courage is never giving up, even when you want to give up.

Courage is trying new things.

Courage is taking baby steps toward a big goal.

Courage is picking yourself up after you have make a mistake.

Courage is trying again when you feel like a failure.


I admit mistakes and I learn from them – this takes courage.

I do what is right even when it is scary.

I am will to try new things.

I know I can do it,  what ever it is.


I am courageous,  I can do this.  I am tried from worry and fear.   Yes I am scared, but I know a few baby step here and there will allow  me to gain success,  and move forward.  Even if I am scared, confused,  I know little step of action will move me forward and things will become clearer and less scary.

I am calm,  I am Confident,  I have the Courage to do this.


I believe in myself.  

Every day I remind myself I am courageous.  I start every day with courage.  And I remind myself in the day when I fall into worry or fear – that I am courageous and I can do this.

Awake every day, make yourself positive even if you feel blah,  and you will have a great day.

We control our thoughts, it is up to us to get into gear or not.


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    1. Hi Sahana, I actually already have the sunshine award back in July I accepted it. I think I forgot to put on my blog.

      After accepting the sunshine and brotherhood award in July I decided I wont accept awards as you then have to nominate other bloggers and there are so many fantastic bloggers out there – I just can’t choose. Therefore, I appreciate your recognition of my blog whole heartedly, however, I cant accept the award. Thank you so much for the nomination.

      Kind regards Bella

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