Daily Intention – Peace


Peace – an inner sense of calmness.    A moment of silence, a quiet contemplation, a silent gratitude, a sweet pause and my world becomes calm, understandable and achievable.  The worries no longer are in the forefront, they melt away and clarity returns.  My decision making capacity become clear, calm and collective.

Peace an inner sense of calmness, a way of being very quiet and looking at things so that I can understand them.   A moment of grace and calm, though I am surrounded by the storm of life, I am able to remains stable, calm, grounded ,  and strong .

Peace and silence are my strength and I need to tap into them daily, to strength myself internally, emotionally, and spiritually.    Peace is my character, my true nature.

  • Where there is peace there is harmony.
  • Where there is peace there is clarity. 
  • Where there is peace I am compassionate and kind.
  • Where there is peace I am understanding to my self and others

Let me set my daily / weekly intention to be peaceful.  I practice Peace when I….

  • I appreciate the differences in life, nature, people and my self.
  • I am careful that my actions are loving, kind, and compassion to all.   I am never harmful to another.
  • I am always considerate to my family, friends, neighbours.  Considerate in the big things and the small thing.  In this I create peace in my self and the people I interact with.
  • I am create inner peace with regular silent mediation

Make yourself peaceful and see your decision making capacity change, see selfishness and greed melt away. See an increase in a need to live in harmony.  See an increase in strength – inner strength.     I share a song that I love and Mediation on Peace to help you find  Peace and harmony in your life.

I hope you will try and make Peace a part of your daily routine.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please like, share, subscribe or comment.  Let me know how you get along with trying to be peaceful in the comments below.  I hope you enjoyed the post , the song and meditation below.  Speak soon.

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