Material Wealth and Inner Happiness. Is this a marriage that will last?


I sit, I ponder, I walk, I wonder.

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder, what is it all about?

I wonder, why I chase material wealth?

Should I not be chasing and accumulating internal wealth?

Wealth of character and integrity.

We are immortal Souls/Spirit, whose natural nature is Peace, Love, Purity, Wisdom and Joy.


We suffer from Anger, Lust, Greed, Attachment and Ego – (i.e. Algae).  Algae is the illusion, that clouds and covers my true nature.

My true nature of Purity, Peace, Love, Wisdom, and Joy.

The Algae stops me from being the diamond that I am and I stops me from being happy.

It makes me want to gain more and more material objects to fill the empty void in me.

The void in me craves, simplicity, truth, happiness and peace.

Yet, instead of filling the void with peace, happiness and inner stability, I buy material objects and, I chase money.

Do I ever sit still and ask myself?  What am I chasing?  Will these material/ perishable goods that I chase, that give me temporary happiness, give me inner peace?  Will they enhance me and my character?


We are immortal souls.

What will I, the soul, take  to my next human birth?

Material wealth is need for this birth, but it has no value in my next birth!

When the soul/spirit leaves this body, it doesn’t even take this body with it!

Therefore, I soul, will not take all the material wealth I have gathered, when I leave this body. It will be left behind!

However, I, the soul will take my habits, my karma and my character.

The question is, then, what have I, the soul filled my character with?  Do I have a stack of good karma or?  What are my habits?

Why am I chasing all these material object that I won’t take with me to my next birth?

Yes, money is necessary for this birth, and we want to live well and comfortably.

But, in chasing all this material stuff, and accumulating all this stuff; what is happening to I, the Soul?

The soul’s original nature/values are Peace, Purity, Love, Wisdom, Joy, compassion.    In all this chasing material stuff, in being busy, in comparing, in trying ‘to keep up with the Jones’, what is happening to I, the Soul?

The emptiness void becomes as chasm, deeper than the deepest ocean.

I am so empty, I am running on empty.

No amount of material stuff will give me everlasting inner peace and happiness.    Material stuff is a burden on I, the soul.  It stops me from flying free.  Have what you need to live, but not excess.


Surely, I need to stop chasing  material STUFF and start accumulating PEACE?

Let me conclude with a few thoughts on  the quest of inner peace: – let me:-

Learn to be grateful for all I  have in my life.  Reduce my desires for more stuff.  Live a simple but characterful life.   Meditate and connect with I, the Soul and the Divine soul.  Immerse myself in living an authentic life of integrity and returning to my true nature.   Material stuff, is just stuff.  This body is just a vehicle for I, the soul.   None of ‘this STUFF’ will help me in this life or my next birth.    This stuff is temporary, and it only gives me temporary happiness.   I, the Soul am simple, true, and pure.  This stuff is clutter, the ‘algae’ has made be blind and I sink in the quicksand of desires.  Desires that never end.    Peace means being true to who I am, content,  striving for the best character in myself.  Connecting with I, the Soul and the Divine.


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18 thoughts on “Material Wealth and Inner Happiness. Is this a marriage that will last?

  1. Bella first and foremost I would love to thank you for this true and so fulfilling post. Touched me to the core of myself. This is what I too believe in and it was so inspiring that I felt good after reading your wonderful post. Thanks once again and great positive quotes too. Bless you dear Bella.

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    1. Dear Kamal, Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. My heart has a warm feeling, especially as I was quite nervous to post this post. Wasn’t sure how well it would go down. I have three beautiful comments , 2 on word press and one share on facebook – that makes me feel – it was a good idea to post this.

      Thank you always for your generous words and for always reading and commenting on my blog – it means a great deal to me.
      Regards Bella

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    1. Dear Robbie. I am so glad you liked it. I wasnt sure how well this would go down and so glad you got time to read it. On last saturday i created a summary for all my post in january and i plan to do a weekly sumnary of the post i post on saturday or sunday.. which a few bloggers said was a good idea then they can catch up on what was missed. Have a good day. What time is it where you live. It is 5.41 am in the uk. Take care regards bella


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