How Confidence Is Demonstrated

How Confidence Is Demonstrated

We all have issues with confidence.  Even the most confident person will have issues with confidence.  Confidence is something that has to be worked on daily.  As you work on baby steps in building up your confidence then it becomes a natural habit.  However, be careful of relapses, this is why it is a daily practise.

Confidence is an inner sense of self-worth, self-capacity, knowing you can handle whatever comes your way.  Confidence is not arrogance or ego, it is a humble sense of total self-worth and a realisation of another’s worth.  It is a belief in yourself and your world that you can handle what comes your way. Even if something new comes along you can handle it because you have set tools and techniques in place to help you.

How can you demonstrate confidence?  Below are 10 points that a confident person demonstrates in their daily lives in which ever role they play (i.e. home or work).  Try and take one or two and practise them over 21 days to help you build up your confidence.

  1. You are Flexible towards people, circumstances, situations and all things new.
  2. When an Opportunity arises you don’t run away from it, but you say ‘why not’.
  3. You Learn from your mistakes.
  4. You Evaluate yourself realistically.
  5. You Appreciate your achievements.
  6. You feel you can influence situations and outcomes.
  7. You are not run by ‘should’, ‘musts’, and ‘ought to’.
  8. You Believe in yourself and take charge of your actions.
  9. You Act assertively, speak calmly and listen properly.
  10. You Give genuine praise and accept constructive criticism.

Confidence can be built. If today you don’t have one of these ten skills, you can develope them.

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19 replies

  1. Confidence is a skill we build in a situation that we then apply in other places. We have to be careful then to not show off and be arrogant. Nice post!

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  2. Some great points made here Bella. You’re right – we have our ‘peaks and troughs’ of confidence – days where we feel we can do anything and days where all confidence seems to disappear.. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes you make a good point. You can work on shyness and push past it . Confidence in my mind is elegance in a humble way. I am shy but over the years i have pushed past it. Thou it pop up sometimes but not that often. Thats the beauty of life , experience and maturity..

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  3. Hello Bella,
    I totally agree with your list.
    Confidence isn’t arrogance, but a necessary part of life as you have demonstrated so beautifully.
    Thank you 💐✨✨

    Liked by 1 person

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