Boatman of Life

Boatman of Life

When the boat and the Boatman are strong, even storms become a gift

– Brahma Kumaris

What does this slogan mean to you?   What do you have to do in your life to ensure, that you as the boatman are strong, and that the boat of your life is strong, and that the storms become a gift?  Each day is an opportunity to build a stronger inner self.  Positive thinking, meditation, affirmations, gratitude, and most of all seeing blessing in everything that is negative in your life, all help.  When you can see blessings in your life, when you can put a full stop to waste thoughts, when you change a negative feeling into a positive one, when you can use meditation to slow your thoughts down, then you build a strong inner self and you become a strong boatman and your life’s boat becomes resilient.


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  1. Great post, Bella. Being strong in your convictions is so necessary to leading a successful life. Living positively in all situations is also a key. And I couldn’t agree more about the necessity of the storms! Thanks for the interesting analogy.

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