It is often said we have both good and bad in us all and the important thing is what choice we make.


I believe our natural nature, the nature of the Soul is the truest and purest , love, happiness, joy, peace and purity.

But as the soul takes many births it looses it highest nature and duality sets in, and we then start to operate out of fear, ego, anger, lust, attachment and jealousy.

We started off 100% pure to our capacity and then we fell from grace as it said in many a text.

Therefore, if we started off so good and then we fell into duality,  it is correct to say we have both good and bad in us at this time.  But it is important to realise we did not fall suddenly but we fell over time.   So now in this age of duality it becomes so very important to do and think the right thing.  To choose good over doing wrong.  To be humble and respectful over being arrogant and egoist, then we change the duality of our nature into the nature of pure goodness.

Now we can be mindful of this and do so much of the reverting to our nature of goodness by ourself, but it will take ages.  But if we allow The divine to super charge us then we can be 100% pure and whole again in less time.

What is heaven?  What is hell?  Why do we remember peace and harmony so? When all Human Beings act in harmony with each other it is heaven.  When we behave as one family all children of one Divine then we are in heaven.

But as know we are in hell now because we are in duality, we are not operating from 100%  of our natural  goodness. Instead sometimes we are cruel.   Some off us have a greater propensity to be extremely mean, cruel, selfish and their ego is unlimited.   So ask yourself before you perform any action or have any thought will this take me nearer to becoming good and pure or does it take me into negativity and inappropriateness.

God does not interfer with our Free Will.  Karma says As you sow so shall you reap.  Karma is the Law.  God The Divine is the benefactor and wants the best for his children, he respects our free will.  Sooooooo what you choose is your Karma,  what you choose is either your grace and beauty of character or it is your jealousy, greed, anger or egoness.

SO WHAT IS YOUR CHOICE?  What is your character? Who do you want to be? What do you stand for?  Do you know the difference between good and bad?  Do you have the courage to change? Do you have the courage to take The Divines help?  Or do you love being bad?  Who do you want to be?   Remember we started off 100% in our capacity as good, therefore goodness is our true nature.  So what is your choice to perform goodness and charity every second of the day with yourself and others or?  What is going is it going to be?

Ask these questions of yourself daily and reform your character or Karma the Law will step in.  Each time you sow bad you will eventually pay for it.  So sow good and not only will you be rewarded,  you will return to your original character.

Dare to be good- just dare to be good every second of the day.  If you fall pick yourself up and try again and again. And if someone is mean don’t let  it into your heart and create pain, protect yourself with The Divines love.

Meditation is a great way to tap into your goodness and down load from The Divine.  I share meditation weekly on my blog.

Be good always should be your motto for living.  God gives you free will and reminds you of your goodness.  Heaven is a state of harmony amongst Human Beings.  Hell is the effect off slow fall from grace.  The law of Karma exists always but only comes into play when we start to fall.  So God gives us free will meaning he doesn’t interfer, he comes to awakeness and explains to be good again.  But it is I the Soul who choose what to do …and Karma gives us what we sow.   So the choice us yours? Good or bad?   But, do we really have a choice to choose a negative action or thought if we want a good life for all????


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41 thoughts on “SO WHAT IS YOUR CHOICE Good versus Bad?

  1. A wonderful way to begin my Sunday Bella.. Thank goodness for people like you who keep spreading love and kindness to counterbalance some of the negativity in the World we all share simply as humans.. x

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