Money, Character, Karma ?

What is more important to accumulate in the bank balance of life ? Is it Money?  Is it good Karma?  Is it Character?  Is it all 3?

Money is so important to our life .   One could even say it is vital.  But the question is how vital is it?    Or how vital do we make it?    Sure we need money to live day to day and have a bit spare for a  couple of rainy day.  How much money is enough ?  How much money do we need for this birth?   Do we need four cars in a two person house hold,  do we need  x amount of shoes etc etc.    How much do we need?

I think it is important to live a simple life, enjoyable and meaningful life.   Enjoy food, friends, family, creativity, holidays,  reading, gaining knowledge.   But to have excesses in life just creates a burden of material wealth or  of material junk which stops me from flying free and being truly content.  The more I own the more I am concerned about what I have and it become a burden without me knowing.  I have been decluttering for years, and the feeling of letting go of stuff that I don’t use that I think I need has been so uplifting and freeing.  That it really make you stop and think – what is it with all this material stuff, gather dust and requiring space and it is a waste of money.

All of you know that I believe that we are Souls and that we are not this body.  We are immortal, meaning we take rebirth as human beings when this body of ours becomes unhealthy to live in.   The original qualities of the soul are Peace, Purity, Love, Wisdom and Joy (if you want to know more please read this post of mine  I the Soul am A Point of Immortal Light.    The soul has 3 faculties the Mind, the Intellect and the Sanskars (aka  personality, habits or character).

When the body dies, we don’t take our clothes, our house, our money with us when we move to the new body.    But, what we do take is our  Sanskars and Karma.    That is , we take our habits – tendencies – characters – skills, our good and bad Karma.

So,  I return to the question I started with how vital is the accumulation of money in our life ? or Even the accumulation of material wealth?  With the knowledge of the Soul and Karma and the immortality of I the soul one question what one is accumulating on ones life.  Therefore, I believe it is more important to accumulate good karma and good sanskars so that in our next birth we are born to healthy, wealthy and good character parents that will give us a great opportunity in life.   They say if you are greedy in one birth then a subsequent birth you will have less.    So,  I always question in my life, am doing the right thing for this birth and next birth.  Is my life purpose at the right place it needs to be?    Is my need for money at the right level?  Am I  making my character and karma tip top.     I think there is a beauty, enjoyment and fulfillment in becoming the best character one can be in this birth, and that habit will carry onto next birth.   When we think there is more than this one birth we live with responsibility and smartness,  rather than recklessly and short lived attainments.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please comment, like, share or subscribe to this blog.  Please do comment and do let me know your thought on this minding blow post, also if you want me to write or explain in a blog post any concept further.  Thank you again.

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22 thoughts on “Money, Character, Karma ?

      1. Answers in life come in time if we keep asking the question, analysis, experimenting and challenging ourself. Then answers will come when we ready to accept and wise to understand. Time is a beautiful thing.. but always be making effort to move forwards. Then and only then will answers come.. otherwise you will be stuck…

        Go with flow but make it challenging not status quo

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